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#TBT - Junghans Bundeswehr ChronographAs the majority of you already know we strive to get an assorted selection of vintage replica watches to #TBT on an ongoing basis. It's obvious that among vintage replica watches we (no less than Mike so i definitely) have a soft position for complications. Nowadays probably the most popular of such are already chronographs, however, you are all aware this right now. So what exactly is cooler over a vintage chrono? A vintage military chrono!Junghans BundeswehrAs almost all of you recognize we attempt to take a various choice of vintage replica watches to #TBT every week. Needless to say that among vintage replica watches we (at the very least Mike so i definitely) have a soft area for complications. Nowadays by far the most sought after these have already been chronographs, and you are all aware this right now. So what is cooler when compared to a vintage chrono? An existing military chrono! Now we have managed such replica watches in the past within the pages of #TBT. Just think about my article for the Angelus L.E. issued on the Hungarian Air Force or Mike's article in regards to the Heuer and Leonidas military replica watches.Leonidas and Heuer were some pot company back in the day (as reliant on fact Tag Heuer still owns Leonidas). While Leonidas produced replica watches for that Italian military, Heuer was supplying them to the West-German Bundeswehr (German military). Now, the German military had a fantastic taste when it stumbled on replica watches. Businesses like Tutima , Orfina Porsche Design, Sinn and Heuer of course were all one of the brands decided to supply to them replica watches. This week's #TBT is definitely the watch the Bundeswehr used prior to the aforementioned Heuer chronographs. One of many largest factories of times produced it: Junghans. Down within the belly on the Black Forrest lies the factory (we've covered their story in older times here) that gave the Junghans Bundeswehr around the globe.Historical backgroundGerman watchmaking links to Switzerland which has a million ties. There are various companies that had German founders or perhaps a good portion of German watchmakers working for them. And a volume of German families invested in Swiss watch companies. Because of its relative proximity to Switzerland the Black Forrest became one of the watchmaking hubs of Germany.The Junghans factory hidden in a valley with the Black ForrestThis became all the more true once the II. World War when Glashütte fell behind the Iron Curtain. The post-war period allowed for just a fresh start for brands like Hanhart, Stowa and Junghans who had a bitter-sweet history after their involvement while using war presidential rolex . Following the Wermacht was abolished in 1946 Germany didn't have any military left. However as a result of rising tension relating to the west plus the Soviet Union with what was crowned the Cold War it became necessary for Germany to determine a new army. Many years after dismembering all of the its soldiers, the Bundeswehr located existence again in replica omega West Germany. Junghans was the 2nd company to supply replica watches with the newly assembled German army.A website from the original style of caliber J88 by JunghansCaseThe only flaw of this watch is the case. While we love steel replica watches the Junghans Bundeswehr models had brass cases with chrome-plating. This provides a grey titanium-like look for the watch but also ages badly using the brass eventually showing under deep scratches. The size and style is 38mm, which can be big enough to get contemporary even nowadays along with the thickness of slightly below 13mm it still sits comfortably on the wrist. The earlier examples had round edged bi-directional rotating bezels, similar to their predecessors; the Hanhart bund replica watches (Hanhart's also served over the war and were distinguished by their rimmed bezels and infrequently red painted chrono pushers). This situation already gets the soon-to-be iconic 12-sided rounded bezel with minutes scale. There exists a tritium triangle for the 12 o'clock. The short and fat pump pushers and also the large crown complete the military appearance of the Junghans Bundeswehr chronograph.After you flip the watch over, and take off the Bund strap pad to discover true back, you at long last can verify the military provenance in the timepiece. In the center of the rear look for the next: "Bundeseigentum 12-124-8591" meaning "National property" accompanied by the model classification number that's seen above. The older versions were built with a different number (12-120-9351) along with this it is possible to clearly distinguish which model will you be holding in your hands. Around this text there is certainly details about true back being steel or that the watch is shock and water-resistant. They inscribed the same star logo with all the "J" at the center, the truth is within the dial, on the back True back is obviously screw-in with a plain inside.Strap/braceletThe Junghans Bundeswehr replica watches came on 2 different straps. The so-called bund strap was the more common version. It's basically a 2 piece black leather strap with the extra leather pad and a pair of holders which are beneath the watch swiss cartier replica . The watch sits for the pad when worn along with the 2 bits of the strap are laced within the holder in the pad. For the backside on the pad you could also get the model classification amount of the watch. The other option would have been a steel expandable bracelet with the brand Kiefer watches . This was akin to the famous (or infamous) twist-o-flex bands. The Kiefer had small square links, it felt really light and cheap and broke or deformed quite easily. Because of this these bracelets are rare to find nonetheless they don't really hold much value either.Dial and HandsThere isn't much to say about the dial. It is extremely quick and simple to learn how you'd need it from the military piece. Through the years we have seen numerous dial variations mostly in regards to the logo. Sometimes just the manufacturer was around the dial, maybe the common Junghans star logo too. This is probably the latter versions with both the name and logo under the 12 o'clock. Like all Junghans Bundeswehr replica watches the dial has all numbers visible with thick radium coating. The large luminescent numbers on a black dial will be the characteristics of the majority of military replica watches and also the Junghans Bundeswehr isn't a exception. The dial on this watch continues to be in amazing condition with only very minor traces of wear. Hands have matching patina otherwise they are all have white cover for easier time reading. MovementThe intend to create a chronograph movement at Junghans dates to the mid-40's. In 1946, watchmakers at Junghans already commenced work on what later became caliber J88. This is the movement Junghans utilized in their project watch for submission in the event the Bundeswehr was looking for a timepiece. Junghans produced the J88 from 1950 before mid-60's (1964 or 1965) and it also had been constructed into the Bundeswehr replica watches but later provided with the public in other civilian chronographs. To say that the caliber J88 is a piece of art could well be an understatement. It is just a shock-proof 19 jewel gold plated werk (German for 'movement') with Breguet springs and column wheel naturally. The ability reserve is 40+ hours. A Bundeswehr model is presented in Junghans' museum where a mirror lies behind the watch so spectators could admire the top with the timepiece as well as its amazing movement. Good to knowThe valuation on the Junghans Bundeswehr chronograph 's all within the place. From a thousand Euros as much as 3-4k, I've seen them everywhere. Understand that while the J88 is usually a super sweet in-house column wheel movement by Junghans it really is a work of art the watch also has some flaws. Think about the chromed case, the pain to correct if your plating is missing. Following your Bundeswehr models business built the J88 caliber to a civilian version. These come up for sale more reguarily and you may get a decent example for much only a bund chrono.A while ago I reviewed the Junghans Meister Telemeter. This is a re-edition of an 1960's model which original watch had the identical J88 movement. For those times you ever view a vintage Junghans chrono from your 60's chance are, maybe you are exploring the caliber J88. That could be a sensible thing to buy.I would like to thank Junghans for his or her assistance in this project. I made use of  Dr. Konrad Knirim's Military Timepieces book for some on the research.